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  • Well encore is there just for the people who want it, but I think it'd be nice just to have into the set. It'll take a bit longer to breed in, but I think it's worth it.
    Thinking since LeadApe and Physical Mixape use basically the same things nature and IV-wise that I could try to breed in Fake Out / Encore so we can market it as either. Pretty much getting two different pokes in one.
    Okay sir, use my SS code whenever you're ready, and I will give you a dunsparce for your troubles.
    Allright, now as for redis rules, can I get a copy and go semi-redis on it?
    Right-O, I'm assuming any stat we won't care about would probably Sp.Def since Ape is so insanely fragile anyways, or what?
    'sallright. I'm thinking a set that doesn't need hidden power, as those are kind of a bitch to get. So maybe a physical mixape or CB variant? If we do go for the Hidden Power I can't say I won't go insane trying to get a HP 70 Ice.
    Alrighty, you gonna make a clone of it or should I? Also, what set are we going for on this thing?
    Hey, are you still wanting to breed that Monferno around? I Just finished my second breed (Quint flawless, yay!) and I'm looking for something to do.
    Power Anklet now? =P

    I can give you one. Same Friend Code. VM back when you want it!
    Still need Power Lens? I can give you one from 0731-5750-3878. VM back when you want it!
    Hi. You said that psychic and ghosts aren't often seen in the lands in OU? I thought that Alakazam and Gengar were common sweepers in teams like OU ones.
    I do plan on swapping out Steel Wing, you're right, there are far better moves that could be in that slot. Any suggestions?
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