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  1. SPOILERS! Wonder Trades

    I've been saving boxes of spitbacks generated during the week for WTW. Today I picked up two shinies, a 5IV Mienshao which I really want to hack check, the usual shiny Terrakions, and several decent 4 and 5IV spitbacks, some with excellent egg moves. WTW being a thing is pretty cool.
  2. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 46 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    Edited, thanks. :P (31/6-7/31/28-29/31/28-29) Man, it hurts to let this one go... but you're probably right. Even got it in a timer ball. *sniff*
  3. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 46 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    Check mostthe3rd's Timid 6IV Ditto giveaway. EDIT: Keep or toss? Timid Heatran, 31/6-7/31/28-29/31/28-29 (and probably my best SR ever). How important is perfect SA / Speed? It's not the best Heatran on Smogon, but would it be worthwhile to hold onto it as potential stock for trade thread?
  4. Battle Spot - Simple Questions and Answers

    Roserade sounds like fun - I haven't used it since Platinum. :) Thanks!
  5. Battle Spot - Simple Questions and Answers

    Since Garchomp's priority is to put up rocks, I'm not quite as worried about Charizard Y. In a faceoff against Char Y, Garchomp outspeeds, so that Dragon Pulse isn't going to touch Chomp unless there's miss hax.
  6. Battle Spot - Simple Questions and Answers

    I'm theorymonning a core and want to build on it. I'm considering a Focus Sash Garchomp (with Stealth Rock, of all things) as a lead, with Rotom-W and Weakness Policy Aegislash as bulky pivots. I intend Mega Blaziken to be a mid- to late-game thwacker. I'd really like something to punch holes in...
  7. Do you prefer newer or older games?

    I started with Blue and went from there. Now my nine-year-old daughter and I trade on ORAS. Gen 1: it doesn't age well, but man, was it awesome in its day. Gen 2: I really didn't like these when they came out. HGSS helped smooth the wrinkles a bit. Gen 3: RSE pissed me off - I ground my way...
  8. [READ ME] Tips for Simple Hack Checks

    I'm in the same boat - I've gotten two Terrakion via WT. Both are Jolly hexaflawless from Hoenn. One is shiny (OT Brock, ID 25642, EVs 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe, Ultra Ball); the other is normal (OT Anon, ID 03013, EVs 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe, Premier Ball). Is there any chance that they're not...
  9. Unpopular opinions

    Pikachu315111 : Ultimately, the real issue with Zinnia (and, frankly, every other character in ORAS, including the big bads and Steven) is, as you mentioned, that she doesn't get enough exposition. I think that more investigation into her character and history would resolve all the other issues...
  10. Simple Questions, Simple Answers thread (FAQ in first post, read before posting)

    If a female has four egg moves and a male has a fifth, different egg move, how are the offspring's moves chosen?
  11. Unpopular opinions

    Certainly using it as the basis to justify paying for more extra content via DLC will win me no friends. :)
  12. Unpopular opinions

    I really enjoyed pretty much everything about Delta Episode, and I might even be willing to pay a few bucks for more post-game chapters as DLC - especially if those chapters allowed access to things like items which would normally cost BP to obtain, or even Fresh Water from human vendors...
  13. Doubles Overview, Benchmarks, and Q&A Thread—Read before asking!

    I'm theorymonning a dual-core team of Mega Gardevoir, SubTran, LO Hydreigon, and Aegislash (Weakness Policy three-attack from analysis). What would be good complements? I'm eyeing Suicune for slot 5, but slot 6 eludes me.
  14. Simple Questions, Simple Answers thread (FAQ in first post, read before posting)

    Is there a way to encourage Mirage Caves with Ditto? I've only ever seen one, and I didn't have an Adamant Synchronizer at the time. :/
  15. MattaPod's Giveaway (5iv flawless mixed bag)

    Requesting a Magikarp. Deposited level 16 male Spinda. Thanks! :D