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  • Ya you did get owned. you were contradicting yourself and wanted to report a dude cuz he had a soul dew latios when you yourself had one. what a noob. check up on you? are you a dumbass? i wanted to battle the dude that waz owning you n i happened to notices he was the one that reported you so i just read the argument in which he dissed you.
    Pretty sure that I didn't get "owned" by a fifteen year old. If one would look at the conversation without bias one would he that everything that he is saying I have shot down with a legitimate reason. As for being blacklisted, I don't care. I would hope that you wouldn't care that I don't want to battle you. It's just not fun battle people who freak out over a video. I for have been very level headed throughout. I hope that one day you mature and get over this petty quarrel that you started yourself. On a side note, I'm glad that I made a good enough impression on you for you to check up on me regularly. I think that shows who is the bigger man.
    Well i think when people battle its implied that everyone just follows the standard smogon rules which include no usage of banned items such as soul dew.
    Well, I didn't considering that I clarified in my signature that I may use unreleased items, that guy was just a dumb ass. :)
    It outsped Flygon because I baton passed a Shell Smash onto it from Gorebyss. But you're right, it was a timid life orb Alakazam.
    Ya you always miss stone edges when u play against gg bt suprised that your alakazam outspeed my scarfted flygon. What kinda alakzam was it? Timid life orb?
    Good game, that was a really fun match. Let's battle again tomorrow night, OU and UU. Maybe we can try something different, like a double battle or a rotation battle.
    Are you still up for battle? Sorry it took so long. OU first right? Oh, and you should delete some of your PMs because you can't receive or send anymore PMs once you reach 200. I tried sending you one but it wouldn't let me.
    i had like a brainfart that moment cuz as soon was i went for the will o wisp i was like damn forget it had magic guard. Ya we should OU sometime again.
    GG man. I finally won one tonight lol. Were unaware of Reuniclus's ability? You really let me set up wasting turns burning and leech seeding me. Oh well I'll take it. It's late, nite.
    Holy balls, that worked out surprisingly well. Good game man, I guess today makes up for yesterday's horrible luck. Let's have a UU/OU match tomorrow, I have to sleep now.
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