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  • Happy birthday!

    As far as groups go, I was a huge fan as well. Middle Cup was my favorite group. Oh well.
    Happy New Year Navi! Sorry I'm late! Xp
    What's Cave Story? The only Curly I know is one of The Three Stooges and Curly Fries.
    Yes, I do show up in the Shoutbox occassionally to yell at the noobs and give help with 3DS connecting, the YouTube guide that the mods link doesn't work since the 3DS has two different Wi-fi connection settings - one for its (sucky) browser and another for the games, the vid only shows how to change the browser connection.
    Yes please. Just start a new discussion. thanks
    Should I join yourgroup even though I am a notorious POkesav man?:)
    that would be great. They don't need detailed how to, just a taste of what it is. I can try to explain it, but I am biased too.
    It would be a big favor to me.
    Hey Normal, I am from the darkside - pokesav/pokegen, but I want to understand RNG better. I have a big group BABA bald accoutnants battle arena.
    Can you post something in my group to briefly explain RNG abuse? I will have to send you an invite because it is members only. I need someone to ehlp me explain it - I have a lot of new members with lots of questions.
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