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  • Adicionei, mas eu nunca fico com o Skype sempre aberto

    Se eu não tiver on no Skype, tenta ver se alguém consegue me chamar no msn que eu entro DD:
    Quando quiser jogar pelo Type Restriction, me chama no msn

    E acho que temos que jogar algo pela Evo também, só me chamar de qualquer jeito
    We can still play now, I can meet you on Pokemon Online Reborn Server in about 20 minutes.
    on for a while now and tomorrow I am widely available. Message me a good time.
    When do you want to play and where? btw you have to pm your team to fatecrashers and he has to make sure it fits the rules so we cant play till he verifies our teams -.-
    Yo we are paired for the type restriction tournament. I am GMT what is your timezone?
    if you could come on IRC that would be perfect, but i cant be sure i'll be available on monday

    tuesday would be cool
    I'm GMT -7 so I can't plat at this hour, I will play around of 10-12 p.m. in your time zone because I must go to school and I can't play earlier.
    Ok so, at which hour and day do you wanna meet, and on which simulator (and server if you want on PO) ?
    Sup man, we're paired for the FUK FERRO tour. I'm GMT +1, when do you wanna play?

    Also, do you use IRC? That would make things easier (in case you do: you can meet me really easily on #pokemon or #spl).
    ah thats lame im gonna be pretty busy this weekend i can try to make it friday morning thoughif i cant then ill try sunday
    I can play this week-end.
    I'm GMT -1 and I can play from 10 AM to 7 PM.
    I'll be on PS as Anno-nyme or Ano-nime
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