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  • Hola, I'm your Round 8 Opponent for the Smogon VGC Tournament.
    I'd be up to play at these times (all of them EST):
    Friday 3-6 PM
    Monday 8 AM-6 PM
    Tuesday 8 AM-6 PM
    Wednesday 8 AM-6 PM
    Thursday 8 AM-6 PM

    I'm on spring break all of next week so I can be really flexible. My family may have some stuff planned but I can easily figure out a time that works for you
    Hey Lightcore, I think the best times to battle for me next week would be either anytime from 1-4pm on Monday, 1-6pm on Wednesday or 4-6pm on Thursday.
    How does 1:30 PM work for you on Monday? If that's all right with you, we can get it done
    Sounds good. I'm be in the vgc room as OblivionVGC by 1:30pm.
    Hey! I am your R4 opponent in the Smogon VGC tournament.
    I'd be up to play at these times (all of them GMT +1):

    Sun 12, 10 to 11 PM
    Mon 13, 10 to 11 PM
    Tue 14, 7 to 8 PM and 10 to 11 PM
    Fri 17, 4 to 8 PM

    I may not have a lot of room to change from these times since I'm on my term exams period this week, but please don't hesitate to ask for any other times that might work for both of us.

    Have a nice day!
    Okay then. I am sorry for not replying before, that time works perfectly fine with me. See you then!
    I'll be under the account of OblivionVGC when you're ready to battle.
    Already messaged you in Showdown, see you there!
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