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    Rate my Team (Pre-Bank gen 7 OU.)

    Try a Choice Band on Tapu Koko and drop Roost for another offensive move? You could consider Nature Power (becomes Earthquake), Volt Switch (you lose on Band advantage, but you get another switch opportunity), or Nature's Madness (which will never be able to kill anything on its own, but you'll...
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    [SOLVED] PS Down?

    Darn, I wanted to do some randbats. In a few hours, I will have literally been trapped on phonecalls for 24 consecutive hours.
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    Watson Analyzes Your Writing

    Marine Copypasta: Big 5 Openness 11% Adventurousness 11% Artistic interests 5% Emotionality 99% Imagination 55% Intellect 12% Authority-challenging 3% Conscientiousness 1% Achievement striving 1% Cautiousness 1% Dutifulness 1% Orderliness 16% Self-discipline 1% Self-efficacy 18% Extraversion...
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    Ask simple questions here! [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    I guess some people like 'em, and some people don't? It's completely up in the air.
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    The Player: Issue 9 released!

    Nice avatar, Relados!
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    Ask simple questions here! [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    It also helps to keep logs of any such behavior. And again, feel free to notify a moderator (@) or a leader (&) if you experience such behavior out of any user (including staff).
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    Put your move animation suggestions here!

    Well, since you're just making colored balls of light for all of the attack animations, why not implement touhoumons? We could easily set up every attack pattern ever.
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    Your nicks : Where are they from ?

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    Put your move animation suggestions here!

    Seconding for additional colored balls of light.
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    I take it that favoritism isn't everyone's ...favorite thing.
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    PS! Staff Interviews #2: prem

    Wow, so much unpopularity in here!
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    Pokemon Showdown! Staff Interviews

    I still can't decide who'd give the funnest answers!
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    SwagPlay, evaluating potential bans (basic definition of "uncompetitive" in OP)

    I hate to be this type of person, but there are far more aspects of this game that technically devolve into coin-flips and dice-rolls. * Zap Cannon, Inferno, and Dynamicpunch are 50% accuracy, 120 BP (Inferno is 100) moves that inflict guaranteed Paralysis / Burn / Confusion (respectively) upon...
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    Kangaskhanite Tiering Discussion

    There are a few questions I'd like to bring up regarding this potential ban: Will the release of Pokebank add anything helpful to Kangaskhan's repertoire that might aid an argument in favor of a ban? Will the release of Pokebank offer any counters to Mega Kangaskhan or ways of better handling a...