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  • If it is shiny it will be due to luck. I do not RNG. I do not have the time or the patience right now to learn. What I do is hatch around 45 to 60 eggs to get the I.V.'s I want and the natures prefered. With a flawless ditto and a flawless gengar it should not take me long to get a gastly with the stats and natures I want for battle. I am making a team of pokemon I could use in a tourney if I choose because they are all going to have me as the trainer and they will all be hatched by me so I will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are legit/legal.
    Oh there is a reason I have named my trade thread "the stud farm" I do alot of breeding to get pokemon with great stats and I.V.'s hatched with my trainer id and info on it. Gengar just hit the jackpot with me. I won't trade it because gengar is going to be "studded out" LOL!!!!
    Sorry about all that. I was not thinking right. should have told you to use the game you wanted the ditto on first then bring in the other game to give over the gengar. So sorry. My brain is not working today aparently.
    Thats okay. I can up its beauty a little bit on my soulsilver. Ill be waiting in the wifi room
    Cool thanks.

    Completely off topic but do you have any competitive UU pokemon I could trade for? (Im trying to get into UU cause OU pissed me off)
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