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  1. Orugos's art thread- pretty hiatus-y for now sorry!

    hey guys!! It's been a long long time; I've been really really busy pushing myself to work on art to sell at conventions and getting that kind of setup up and running, and doing a lot of commissions, so I haven't really drawn any pokemon in a long time, and I probably won't be in often for a...
  2. nj art

    lol nasty you have pretty much nothing to worry about kevin garrett is an amazing teacher but I was pretty much starting from scratch :p I am EXCITED though !!!
  3. nj art

    Nasty! When are you going to destroy me in our faceoff? c:
  4.  Professor Smeargle: Digital Art Tutorial / Tutoring Thread

    Here's another great resource:
  5. Apprentice Program: Round Fifty

    ASSIGNED TO KEVIN GARRETT Username: Orugos Age: 21 Pokemon Online/Shoddy Username: Orugos Your timezone and usual hours of availability: EST/ GMT-5, and my time is 100% flexible right now, though afternoon hours of 1:00PM to midnight are preferrable. What tier do you want to learn?: UU...
  6. nj art

    haha nasty you strike me as a very neat person by the way you draw :p I'm so spazzy that its only natural I like throwing paint everywhere. Here's a small example you can try if tons of hues makes you nervous; purple in shadows, yellow/orange in highlights- just shift them/mix them in a...
  7. nj art

    Glad to hear your computer problems are remedied C:!! About painting- I have a small suggestion to you. Perhaps you could try breaking out of your comfort zone with your colors? Your paintings resemble your lined works in a sort of way, in that they are just very very precise and your color...
  8.  Professor Smeargle: Digital Art Tutorial / Tutoring Thread

    hey!! This is a great idea. Do videos, guides, and tutorials have to be pokemon related? Because I happen to be an art tutorial appreciator and know hundreds (possibly) of good ones. Here are some nice videos on digital painting with photoshop which are particular favorites of mine...
  9. I Am The Shinxe, koo koo (pi)kachu!

    wowow shinxe! they're looking great, I love that robot(?)creature. Possibly late but good luck with your finals D:!!!
  10. MAC 9 Poll

    I voted nasty who is by far the most technically flawless and also because that entry gives me many boners Mutant was a close second for me though for being a bit outside the box and also beautiful, but really a ton of the entries were really really great ;a; Aragorn's is an incredible concept...
  11. nj art

    :(((( good luck nasty we love you
  12. Orugos's art thread- pretty hiatus-y for now sorry!

    hey hey wooo smogon is back! I've been a bit busy with commissions; if any of you want to see them or want to follow my other work, my newly made tumblr is and my newly made twitter is ! I will post a lot of rougher work there, WIPs and the...
  13. Orugos's art thread- pretty hiatus-y for now sorry!

    That really means a lot to me, as I look up to Squeedge's art in a lot of aspects. c: She's far more creative and has such a great grasp of dynamics. Anyway here's the first of my commissions, a pokemon one!! Edit: the commissioner asked me for a wallpaper size, so here it is for anyone to...
  14. Orugos's art thread- pretty hiatus-y for now sorry!

    why would you say that omg :( here's another lucario I did as an example for commissions I'm about to open EDIT: Here's the link to the upload for commission info THOUGH ITS PRETTY BRIEF SO if you're interested, commissions like ^ for 20$ c: send me a note or an email at
  15. Monthly Art Contest Megathread CLOSED

    I am shamed seppuku time