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  • I'll take a Jolly one unless the Hasty one has many perfect IVs or something. I'll go to the room now.
    And the Carvanhas nature doesn't really matter as long as it's female with Speed Boost. You can just hatch the rest and pick one of those.
    Edit: Hasty would be the best of the ones you already got.
    and yeah, any nature is fine if it's much trouble to you, I'll just get the good natures my self in that case.
    And Jolly Corphish, great, thanks!
    Oh man, sorry I was afk. I don't really need either egg moves but Double Edge would be better. Can you trade soon?
    nossa não sabia que o eevee era tao dificil assim!
    mas não precisa ter pressa, nao to com urgencia pra pegar eles!
    então, eu tenho sunkern e bidoof femea, se vc quiser eu troco eles por dratini e eevee, nao preciso pegar nenhuma nature especifica nao ^^
    Dude, can we trade today? (I'm going to my friends tomorrow and I'd really like to have at least one of these guys ready till then, Crawdaunt preferably, so if you don't have enough time, only do that and we'll trade the others later)
    Ok, I had one Poochyena so I'll have to breed too, will do that now. When will you do Corphish and Carvanha?
    I already checked and it does get Reckless. I'll have a look at the thread again to see what I'd like for Poochyena. :)
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