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  • You need four badges to become a leader. If you want to challange an existing gym leader, like limer, the water gym leader, you need four and those four are "used" for the challange
    it sais that i am on because im always signed in on my phone. I apologize for the confusion
    I'm sorry, I've been incredibly busy today, I won't be able to battle until about 4:30 PST. I don't know my FC off the top of my head, I'll let you know what it is once I am home.
    Actually there is a water gyme leader - Limer
    If you get 4 badges, you can either take another gym or challenge limier for his gym. If you challenge him and los, you have to get another 4 badges before you can go for another gym.
    The baddges are for gyms, but these gyms have not been as successful as our previous gyms had been. If you win 4 badges you can be a gym leader. The gym leader has to use at elastthree of their type pokes, it does not have to be a mono type gyms.

    We have three other battling type games. Two have the same rules except one is for wifi and one is for showdown. They are king of the Hill and Mayor of the hill. They are like an ongoing, self administerred tourney in that the king or mayor is the previous champion. anyone can challange them to their favorite tier or mode of play (sinlges doubles), and if the challanger winms they are the new king or mayor. If the king does not battlewithin 48 hours, they are kicked off the hill and any two people cna battle for the title in an OU match
    The third battle game fizzled out - subway matches. See that thread for the rules.
    As far as tournaments, we are trying to get one going based o nthe card game war where if you win, you have to switch out any pokes that feinted for your opponents for the next round. We had a previous tourney like this that was loads of fun, but partiicipation was low.
    Oh, sure, I'll battle you, but not right now, unless it's showdown. Wi-Fi takes too long, but if you can do a UU showdown match, I'd be glad to battle you. If you cannot then we can battle some other time.
    Absolutely, I'm really busy today and tomorrow so we might have to wait until Sunday unless you can battle right now
    No problem, Yeah, I mainly battle OU but I'm starting to branch out into other tiers. What about you?
    Yah, me to, that is why I made the group and it is better organized than other groups, also you can vote if you like one :) Also, once it is complete, we will try to program it :)
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