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  • Hi, I'm hunting for HA Phantumps, may I add your FC? Mine is: Mario 1993 - 8946 - 1887 with Ground pokes, Trapinch, Camerupt and Gastrodon. Thanks!
    Hey, I noticed you have Phantump in your safari and was wondering if you could please add me? I've been looking for one with its HA (: my FC is 0018-1664-4416, water: panpour / frogadier / floatzel. Thank you!
    Hi, I was wondering if you could add my FC so that I can catch some Dusclops. I have a Chansey Safari myself, so it's not entirely useless. Here's my FC: 4854-6541-4423

    Would be much appreciated.
    I added you :)
    Awesome, many thanks for the help. :3
    If you could come online on PSS so that Dusclops and Chansey gets unlocked, that would be swell. I'm on right now.
    Hi, I would like to add you for your friend safari! My FC is 1263=6757=2114. Thanks! :)
    Hey there mate would you mind adding my friend code? It is 2079-7334-0130. I am a dragon type and have Fraxure, Dragonair and Sliggoo. Thanks!
    Understand...hmm you could either give it towards someone trustworthy enough (like one of your friends) or put it on .pkm file and sent it within e-mail. Just throwing out suggestions on how to help.
    Oh I see lol. Want to keep a low profile. xD
    I wanted it nicknamed Roxas. Now if you can either teach it Earth Power before poke-transfer or we can trade within 4th gen and I can teach it myself that be fine.
    For -Red- yes. Personally I would have like a copy nicknamed "Roxas" but would probably make it harder for him to trade in the future lol
    It's for 4th gen. He was wanted it nicknamed "Gastrodon" mostly because he believes that Shellos can't learn Earth Power and so the name would stay constant with how B/W handles names. BTW, what is the nature of the Shellos anyway?
    Hello there, I'm Gothic Togekiss. -Red- asked me to ask you if you could rename a copy of your East Side Shellos (with Earth Power) into a specific name for him to trade with. I assume he has redis rights onto said Shellos/Gastrodon?
    Akatsuki-Power it is; thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Down the rabbit hole I go =).
    Heya, I'm making an attempt to try and associate as many of the pokemon in my thread that I did not RNG myself to forum accounts within Smogon and I was wondering if you knew exactly who it was that RNG'd a particular Moltres (STEVEN OT, ID no. 46949, named LAVADOS which I understand is the German default name), or if you could at least point me in the right direction. I received the Moltres from Gliiviire who said he couldn't remember where he got it from, but I found the same exact Moltres in ooh_shiny's thread and she thought she got it from you. AFAIK there's nothing wrong with it, don't panic, just trying to connect pokemans with names is all.

    Thanks for any info,
    Khift out
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