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  • Hi, we're opponents for the mini ru tourney. Im gmt+2 and im online frequently. Could we schedule a time to battle.
    I'm GMT -7, I can play after 2:00 p.m. in my country. We can schedule the battle or something.
    above 75?I believe it's 75 or lower.When you need to get a certain deviation,you need to get a deviation equal or lower than that.You can see the suspect voting reqs.
    Phazon00, will you be finalizing your Lanturn entry? I gave you feedback here. I want to add it to our guide :o
    thats good to know, last night was mostly my bad for getting that long game that night. Today im ready hopefully we can get this done :)
    ok, for tommorow, lets try to meet at 8 pm(your time) for our battle? sound good?
    today ill be on ps for the rest of the night until i sleep(which is like 12 your time i think) hit me up anytime on there and make sure you dont have to leave!
    yo I thought you were going offline? do you have time again, I have no problem doing it now
    I am going to be on for the rest of the day on showdown, just send a quick pm and we can get started, Zeta5 is my ps name as well
    Sure, I'm having lunch with my family out, I should be back around 5 or 6 pm(your time). Maybe earlier but I cant make any promises. I'll see you on ps tonight
    i'm on showdown, if you have the time we should get our battle done. i think ill be on all night
    Well, Genesect got banned, I guess we can do our battle soon, my name on showdown is Zeta5 so just send a pm when you are ready?
    sup we're paired for the lc tour
    i'm pst (gmt - 8) and would preferably play in the afternoon my time saturday or sunday
    when can you play?
    Ok, 3 hours isn't too much of a hassle. On the tourney page its says not to do our matches until the vote on genesect is put through. I think the weekend should be fine. we have a lot of time to do our match anyways (Dec 16th)
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