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  • Hey, we're thinking of starting a thing called TUber island, which is basically a challenge course of five ubers players, e.g. you have to beat 1 to get to 2 and etc, and we'd like you to be on of the five challenges. Let me know if you're interested, there's not a strict timeframe on when it starts, but it'll run for about a month once it does.
    hey, we're paired for the ubers open. i was told to fear you so i'd probably like a few days before we battle. how does monday sound? i'd rather not do it on wednesday / thursday of next week, but friday i'm good too.
    I seriously thought that you had a better mentality. You already stole the first game and you're going to steal this one now ? In addition akola totally had the game with jirachi and still had it with toed and nite.
    i'm gone from friday night to sunday night, so i'll probably have to play you after the weekend. i'll try to be ready for friday morning/afternoon but i'm pretty busy tomorrow (thursday) so who knows. is this okay with you?
    Pi Face, Saturday 7 pm your time.
    another thing can the match be Disallowed Spectators? I would much appreciate it. I know you don't get ghosted, but its for personal reasons. I just hate the lag it brings and other reasons.
    Ey bro, i know we decided to play on tuesday 7 pm your time, but i didn't expect Stigmata would john for so long. I played him today which leaves me with 1 day to prepare for your match. So I'm here to tell you i'd like to postpone the day we have our match. We'll do it 7 pm your time, just a different day.
    if u mean ur not ready cause u dont know my teams and cant counter team me. I used hail stall vs Scimjara in our first game. I won't use the same team again. So lets go lets do it now
    ok forget it i told hantuski when we can battle. I guess we can't do it today.
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