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  • I'd like a shiny modest manaphy HP ground, but i don't have a shiny HP ground spread on one of my 4th gen save files, can you still do it?
    How about these moves:

    Mega Kick - Sesmic Toss - Roost - Tri Attack

    I can trade now.
    fair enough. And by the end of the day, the important thing is to have fun in the end, I mean c'mon it's still a game, if you get all heated up debating stuff like "emulators are hacking" "RNG abuse is hacking" or the like that's a never ending war at which people forget what are pokemon for: to have fun.
    LOL yah I know what you mean. I've tought about RNGing on emulators too (mainly for the wondercards which never made it to my country -.-), but then transfering them to 4th gen as legitly as possible is still a pain, although doable thanks to today's emulators.
    Nvm just read it again and understood what you meant xP man 3rd gen sure is a pain for everything D;
    oh right before I forget, remember I had some doubts regarding 3rd gen RNG? Well it's actually about emerald breeding, as when I open RNG reporter I see 3 options: Emerald splits, emerald no splits, emerald alternate. So what's the difference between those 3? O_o
    It's alright man, though I still have a tough time figuring out where do you get the time to even being on smogon xD
    that's why I always send the poke back into dreamworld right away after waking it up, so it stays in the DW (this is handy for me since I don't play on global link every day :P)
    Actually instead of a credit, just can you tutor Zapdos Tailwind and Roost. Thanks!! :D
    Alright thanks, but no need to worry much about it. It was just an honest mistake. :D
    Nope my FC is the same. If yours hasn't changed since last time I'll meet you in the room.
    Ok NN Togekiss then and I cannot trade now it will be a pending...
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