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  • Okay. Thank you. Just remember, I changed the info about my desired snover to let you know that it doesn't matter what gender you get it with. I do want the same Ball, the same type of hidden power, and etc.
    How's everything going with the Snover?

    Also, I changed the info about snover in my wanted list to let everyone know that I don't care if it's a female or a male.
    no man feel free to bump it of you feel like it, I'll be sure to have some stuff to bump ours later as well :P
    since you'll have a pretty much a buried thread when you get back to take care of it, would you like to make a joint thread? TheGoldenBurrito suggested me to be his thread partner but I thought we could make a triple thread instead :P Of course not now since I don't have enough pokemons of my own yet xD but what do you think? :)
    alright just stored it. I can't believe how hard this is despite having two flawless parents o_O
    keep or toss?
    Adamant/Intimidate - 21/23/31/15/31/31
    At least it has the right anture and ability but I don't know how much will the attack drop influence -.-
    Tryng to breed a falwless sandile here actually xD but the RNG seems to hate me today xP I even got a spread with 0 atk and def lol
    updating the list of breeds so far:
    Modest - 30/27/26/31/31/30 (HP electric 70)
    Modest - 20/6/31/31/31/30 (HP psychic 69)
    Modest - 22/7/30/31/30/31 (HP ghost 70)
    Modest - 8/0/30/31/30/30 (HP ground 68)
    Bold - 27/24/30/31/30/30 (HP rock 68)
    Calm - 21/30/26/31/30/30 (HP rock 69)
    Timid - 1/25/10/31/30/30 (HP rock 68)
    Modest - 26/2/7/31/30/30 (HP rock 70)
    Modest - 30/14/19/31/26/30 (HP rock 70)
    I swear if I get a flawless HP rock modest larvesta I'm gonna open a thread right away o.O
    nah because if I wanted one for the chestorest set I'd rather breed a penta flawless one instead xP
    It gets wrose... last one was 30/3/31/31/30/30!!!!!!
    If it weren't for the attack stat it would have been pretty much flawless!! argh >.<
    Dang RNG!!!!!!!!!! only one point difference turned HP rock into Bug... and all the other stats were awesome :@
    Now I got a HP ghost 70 one.... lol?
    At least it has nearly flawless IVs all round bar attack :P
    yeah right. oddly enough I just realized that the everstone works even on male pokemon o.O
    So far a HP Rock ditto (30/14/31/31/30/30) and a bred larvesta (3/22/31/11/30/30). Now I got a timid one (1/25/10/31/30/30 HP rock 68). hmm maybe I should try modest instead and replace the larvesta with the bold one?
    Omg check this out!
    Larvesta - Bold/Flame Body - 27/24/30/31/30/30 (HP rock 68) N-RNG-A as usual
    Larvesta - Modest/Flame Body - 30/22/15/31/10/30 (HP rock 70) same as above.
    Although I was aiming for a Timid nature but now that I think about it Bold might be better for doubles... or should I aim for calm? ahh what to do what to do?
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