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  • Yeah, hehe, sorry, didnt even check it before trading (just traded some items to some rl friends, it was proably his, just release it if you would)
    Still need the SID check? if so, I`ll do it, but forget the credit, I`ll do it for free
    I'll be right back with your horsea. :) What were the IVs again so I can write them down in my thread?
    OH! Ha! Actually I found somebody on wifi to do it already, so...
    1) you can just trade me the horsea for the Zelf and then
    2)I'll clone and come back on with a copy for you and then
    3)you can trade me the crap poke for your copy of your awesome kingdra
    Thanks friend. :)
    Oh, and when we do go to trade, could I trade you this Dusclops holding a Reaper cloth so it can evolve, then trade it back for a copy of your Horsea?
    Sorry for the false start. Since I"ve got dinner going already would you be able to do this in 20ish mins? :?
    OH CRAP WAIT!!! MY WIRELESS ROUTER!~!! I STILL NEED TO RESTART IT!!! It screwed up last night, and instead of restarting it, I just unplugged the internet from it and ran it straight into the computer!!! I've still gotta restart it and test it to make sure it works fine. :?
    Yeah, cuz I don't really care about my pokes at all! XD But semi for full is perfectly fine with me. I just need to know for sure either way, so I don't trade it to someone someday down the road for full redis when you don't want it that way. :)
    Yeah, no problem. I'm in the middle of making mac and cheese, but I'm waiting for the water to boil, so I might be a little... "slow?" X)

    Use the FC in your sig? Use my PLat FC please. See you on with the UT Azelf. It's fully redis, can I get your Kingdra with Full Redis?
    Brave, 31/31/31/1/31/0 Duskull. My God. It's beautiful. But it took over 100 tries before I got the advice on what was wrong. I just re-saved once, and hit it and hatched it on my next turn. T_T

    Anyhoo, still up for that Horsea for my Jolly Azelf? Did you want L50 UT or L50 T?
    My sister wanted to go on the computer yesterday. I got the Spiritomb...Adamant, Male, but not Shiny. =[ Its cool though as I wanted Adamant anyways, but Shiny would've been so epic.

    Fuck 990 taps. xP
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