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  1. Ditto

    my thoughs exactly. Now championships may be won depending on the outcome of speed ties. Cookies for you. Also, what about life orb? Less risky than other items, and stall pokemon would have more hp than ditto anyway. And does zoarark have higher hp? If so, using him as a ditto would be...
  2. Stall Team

    if I lose spiritomb, a close combat user would own my team.
  3. Smogon Shoddy Server Statistics - June 2010

    Awww....magikarp was SO close to 100! :-(
  4. Stall Team

    earthquake on walrein??? WHAT?!??! that wouldn't deal hardly any damage. It would do about half as much as brine. It it's really an issue, I could add energy ball to snover. oh yeah my team's purpose is being blue :-) but really it's supposed to wear people down with the hail + entry...
  5. Running Amok [NU/Ubers RMT]

    great job man! I once used a ubers team with 4 no-ubers, and it was TOUGH! I'd use arcanine over entei for sure! His special attack is higher and his speed is just a tad lower. He also has a little less bulk, but you could do extremspeed and flare blitz for more damage. for heatran you...
  6. Stall Team

    Hey, it's pikmin! I love un-orthodox teams, pokémon, moves, and ev spreads. I used to focus on trick room, but now I"ll try a bit of hail. oh yeah, and everyone on hear is blue, except arcanine, which is awesome! I know I have a big rock weakness, but I can't think of anything that...
  7. Ask an Uber Question, Get an Uber Answer

    shadow sneak- 60 power sucker punch- 80 power the things you want to dent, (deoxys-s and deoxys-a, mew, and others) won't attack. When your opponent sees banette, they may taunt + set up. Also to be noted, if you find shadow sneak isn't dealing enough, shadow claw can work, since it has...
  8. Ask an Uber Question, Get an Uber Answer

    yeah, the boost of stab from shadow sneak helps deal some damage. Most darkrias assume you have insomnia anyway, I use frisk.
  9. Ask an Uber Question, Get an Uber Answer

    thats why I said switch out to someone who can 2hko it. I have tested that bantte quite a bit. I use choice band heracross night slash, or expert belt dialga
  10. Ask an Uber Question, Get an Uber Answer

    I'd use banette instead, as it is generally better at suicide trick room. also, note that stealth rock/spikes/toxic spike kills ralts, and protect works against trick room. when using it in ubers, I use shadow sneak over shadow claw. If giratina-o comes out, (it usually does), give someone on...
  11. Close Combat (1 vs 1) Tournament Sign-Ups

    I'll try, although this will be my first tournement. 3953 9581 8828 no focus sash, I'll remember that.... IF there is still space.
  12. BANGARANG!!! - Phoenix, AZ warstory

    twister......who would have though? nice job. Can't read the card though
  13. VGC Trick Room RMT

    notice that spiritomb can't beat smeargle, as shadow ball does not affect him. nice team overall, I'd use a + speed nature on mewtwo though, so make sure you go first. overall balanced, but you need some pictures
  14. New and 'creative' moveset/EV spread thread - UU Edition

    please rate! I'll give you :toast:!
  15. Winner's Path Event: Pokewalker

    I'd actually trade some stuff for a timid boomlax with all ivs less than 15, just for kicks. since everyone will rng for a 0 speed iv and negative speed nature munchlax, when magikarp and beldum show up this will produce lots of trick room pokés. hopefull the price of a trick room metang will be...