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  1. Anyone here play World of Warcraft?

    I picked up the game last weekend to play with some of my friends and it is a lot of fun, but I don't really know the first thing about talents etc so I was wondering if anyone more experienced could help point me in the right direction? Also armory link...
  2. The One Type Tour ~ Signups

  3. Immerse Yourself Sign Up

    I guess I'll be a free agent.
  4. Anime-Style Anti-Switching Menagerie

  5. Uber Clash!

    I'll be a free agent I guess.
  6. Mono Tournament

  7. Reminiscence Cup - Signups

  8. Smogon Hold 'Em Round Three

    None I guess.
  9. Smogon Brawl Tournament #1 Sign ups

    I guess I'll play. I'll edit in my Friend Code when I get around to setting everything up.
  10. Smogon Hold 'Em Round 2

    I won, sending log.
  11. Stay Alive! Round 2

    Won, sending log.
  12. Gen 3 Ubers

    Except this is adv, where ice punch is still special. Anyways, I'd probably use fire punch over ice beam on deoxys seeing as ray will almost never switch into you directly and forry walls you completely without it. Overheat groudon is mostly pointless unless you really need to ohko forry, so...
  13. The World Cup of Pokemon III - Registration Thread

    Shoddy Nick: Pilocus Team 1: USA South Team 2: USA Central
  14. Diversity Cup - Round 4

    I won, sending log.