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  • Eh, either way. Not like how we used to keep contact.

    505 was nothing but pure win btw.
    I'll be on IRC both time as McMeghan (#benelux and #pokemon).
    I'll also check my VM here during the day.
    I forgot the deadline was on the 7th xD

    I built my team, i'm on Smogon and French Time as McMeghan all day long.
    I'm also connected here and on IRC as McMeghan on #pokemon and #benelux all day long, i hope we'll get this done asap, sorry for the wait ~
    I have to build a new team, i changed my type last round, be sure i'll VM you as soon as i'll be ready ^_^
    Alright, I'm back. Sorry about that, took a little longer than I expected.
    Hey, just saying I'm here but eating dinner atm. Will be back in like half an hour maybe. x)

    edit: an hour probably, at least. apparently i have to help my dad put in a new microwave too. x(
    lol shit i've been on all day and on irc but i forgot to check over here :/

    i'll be on from noon to idk 10pm cst tomorrow so if you catch me on/on irc then send me a message
    tis fine :)

    also can you play any time after noon (until maybe 4 or 5) CST on thursday? prolly my best bet for getting online
    Hey I'm on the thing you told me to be on, but i'm terrible at using any type of xat so... i'll just vm you here saying i'm ready...

    I'm ready.
    i suddenly have little time to do much, so i'd rather be able to hear when you're online and try to adapt my schedule. weekend would be the best bet.
    If LizardMan agrees to take you in addition to the other tutee he was assigned, then that's fine.

    also, smogon is down, go on french time; I'll be on as starlight express.
    OK I suppose; just message me when you want to play when you see me on.
    we need to fight for the tutee tournament. when are you avaliable? I'm free most part of the day also I'm GTM -6
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