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  • I am looking for smeone to trade inpokemon blackif ur intersted message me FC 2795 4999 0879
    GG buddy, x2.
    You reaaaally need a steel type. None of your pokemon can take an outrage, that's dangerous. Especially since all your pokemon are a little on the slow side. One dragon dance boosted outrage and its over.
    I don't have an uber team unfortunately, I would have to gather up a team, but if you give me a bit I will do it, how are you uploading btw?
    Any one want to battle!against My Team enboar zekrom porygon z breloom arceus and swampert
    Umm, Idk if you know the standards, but there are tiers and you are not allowed to use those pokes in the NU tier, that is why I fled..
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