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  • No because if he releses it he becomes badly hurt. Susanoo sucks because it hruts sasuke alot and when Itachi faced Sasuke Itachi was sick and Blind it wasn't a fair fight. Resengan destroys susano because it can get past and sasuke can use Shadow Clone so he can ge more than 1000 replica and Resengan Sasuke to death. Naruto has 2 personality because of nintails so if he dies Nine tails is relesed and kills sasuke. Sage Naruto doesn't get affected by ameterasu or gen jutsu.
    Dude Naruto can't be affected by Sasuke Eye tricks because of the Nine tails
    he has a second personality and can make more Multiplications, Susano is crap dude
    Gaaraa even almost took it down and another thing is sasuke get's badly wounded when using the susanoo
    Ameterasu doesn't hurt naruto because he can just revive a new skin. Susanno won't kill Naruto because once the Cage locking the Nine tails is released Sasuke will die.
    OK I am at 200 post now lol anyway the latest naruto chapter is awesome it shows madara's face but it was a fake *I don't beleive that*
    Turn 17)
    connor swiches to milotic
    jirachi used calm mind
    Turn 18)
    jirachi used thunderbolt and it died
    Turn 19)
    connor sent out dragonite and sr broke multiscale
    jirachi used psychic and killed dragonite
    Turn 20)
    connor sent out porygonz, used tri attack and got the freeze hax
    jirachi thawed out and killed with psychic
    Turn 21)
    connor sent out politoed
    jirachi used thunderbolt on politoed
    Turn 11)
    connor swiched into politoed predicting hp ice but im to smart for that so i use u turn
    U GOT PER 8==D TED
    indian u turns out to latios
    Turn 12)
    connor swiches out to gliscor (predicting thunderbolt)
    latios is like: ok then you can get hit with a draco instead
    gliscor dies and he sends out porygonz
    Turn 13) im gonna write like that from now on
    porygonz used hyper beam and latios dies
    Turn 14)
    go jirachi
    porygonz needs to recharge
    jirachi used calm mind
    Turn 15)
    porygonz used hyper beam and it does nothing
    jirachi used calm mind
    Turn 16)
    porygonz needs to recharge
    jirachi used calm mind
    connor sent out politoed
    indian sent out rotom
    Turn 1)
    rotom come back
    go jirachi
    politoed used hp grass
    Turn 2)
    connor withdrew politoed
    connor sent out swampert
    jirachi use calm mind
    Turn 3)
    jirachi use psychic (does about 50%)
    swampert used SR
    Turn 4)
    jirachi come back
    go latios
    conner withdrew swampert
    connor sent out milotic
    Turn 5)
    connor withdrew milotic
    connor sent out swampert
    latios used thunderbolt
    it doesnt effect -__-
    Turn 6)
    latios used draco and takes out swampert (probably thought i was specs. im expert belt)
    connor sent out porygonz (specs)
    Turn 7)
    come back latios
    go rotom
    porygonz used the stab specs hyper beam and i die but now ive got a free swich and free turn
    go heatran
    Turn 8)
    porygonz must recharge
    heatran used stealth rocks
    Turn 9)
    connor withdrew porygonz
    connor sent out gliscor
    heatran is like: ok then you can get hit with a fire blast instead if you like
    Turn 10)
    heatran come back
    go landorus
    gliscor use earthquake
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