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  • thats probably me xD
    did you save the game, my ingame name was charlie.
    if you did put it on the gts!
    are you sure man?
    do you still have your card?
    if you do, the name will be Mo---- Bh-----
    I'm sure, I mean it was r4, but the 3rd battle cus we skipped r1, and I didn't use fly.
    I can't believe you knocked me out, I thought we were gonna go to Sandy eh go :(
    sorry, i couldnt text, i left my phone at the hotel -_-
    HOW DID YOU LOOSE?????????????????????????????????????????
    hey, ill see if i can catch you tommorow :(
    if not, gimmie scarf and leftys and scrafty and amoongus when i see you.
    that was my guess too
    so since tr is out of the question now (cuz ive figured out a nearly unbeatable counter), it should be goodstuffs/tw
    it should have virijion as a weather counter (and it works, ive tested)
    so, any ideas for next years vgc?
    since were in different divisions next year, we could sort of create some kind of a team between us
    wander what the rules are gonna be...
    I have a bunch of different natures of the mons you want. Could you pm me the natures again please?
    and i cant pm mine on pokeshadow either :'(
    i might put it on the smogon group if i can
    alright, i decided to have a quick go at a crest myself
    i don't know how to post pictures from the pc memory though, so ill pm it to u @ pokeshadow
    u said u could help w/ artwork on the site?
    first of all, we need a crest
    we've all agreed it to be hydreigon because of its typing, the fact that its 5th gen and its pure awesomeness
    its optional of course :P
    send any designs to me and ill see what every1 else thinks
    i am no it wizard, so youll have to ask plusle, who designed the site as it stands
    and our school does the entire gcse maths course in yr 10, then a level in yr 11
    sorry, i cant provide an instant link from a dsi, but it is
    with good it, (lol, 'it') u would probs be helping plusle w/ layouts and tech stuff, am i correct?
    and i presume u go to a good school, doing senior division and doing a gcse?
    akiratron, often shortened to 'akira', is a respected 09 player who's done remarkably well in pw tournaments, placing 2nd in october and 4th in febuary (no thanks to me). from what i can tell, he makes a number of teams w/ bharmalm, and is heading to french nats.
    lol, i sound like a dictionary :P
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