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  • Its been a while since I did it, but I don't believe receiving them advances any frames, the time is for gen 3 if you didnt already get that answered. Ill try and abuse a new Shiny ID/SID and give it another run with a frame 1 spread and let you know.
    Diamond and Pearl or Platinum? If its D/P then a 1 frame seed is fine as you can save in front of the briefcase and grab your starter with no NPC advances. Platinum you'd have to be astronomically quick/lucky to get your starter before npc movement do a frame between 3 and 5 is best(unfortunately you'll still have to save multiple times barring luck that npc advances perfectly). I haven't done 4th gen rng in awhile but what method are you using on the main window? Should be Method 1 though I don't remember the times being there.

    Good luck
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