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Princess Bubblegum

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  • Lol, In case you didn't see my response later on, I just misread your post. Thought I saw gen 4. That was completely my mistake.
    just idle on irc in either #dreamworld or #cal, if you do, we can definetely get a lot more tutoring time in
    ok heres how you do it

    1) mibbit.com
    2) press chat button
    3) where you see "IRC:" then a pulldown bar, change the pulldown to SynIRC [webirc]
    4) change your nick to "Scarfwynaut"
    5) change the channel to either #cal or #dreamworld
    6) pm ballabrown24
    hey if you could get on irc right now that would be really cool, or we could meet up on po i guess i will be amme on po
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