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  • Hello. i saw you said you have Black 2 . Can you help me with some medals? I have 240, but would like them all. 1. Do you get 10 people in entralink at the same time, or can it be 10 different people. (Also for 30). If so do you need online to do that medal. i know you do for the entralink pkmn.
    If someone has already checked an analysis but it appears the OP hasn't implemented the check, don't check the analysis. For Pokegrammar and coined terms, look here: There isn't much analyses to GP since we're wrapping up this generation in preparation for Sixth Generation but yeah, good luck! (Couldn't fit all that in one message lol.)
    If you want to help grammar stuff, look around Contributions and Corrections (most likely from the Fifth Generation section) and do some Amateur checks on analyses in [GP] or Grammar-Prose. A Grammar-Prose team member will eventually swing by and see the quality of it. And note the "Prose" part. We also want our sentences to sound and flow good, not just be grammatically correct.
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