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  • You spelled survey wrong its survey!

    Please redo the thread. Just copy and Paste it to a new one and change the title.

    Also put this on the Bottom. This is the survey they can fill out.

    How Active are you in TRC?
    What do you like about TRC?
    What is the biggest flaw in TRC?
    How can we do it better?

    Any thing else?
    The Air force base? Let hold Off on that for a while. However we need to find ways for our members to be more loyal.
    Interesting Idea. However we really don't need people to be told to train their Pokemon.
    But how about a contest who ever recruits 5 people gets your rare Pokemon.
    Want to that?
    thanks, but no thanks if it's ok with you, i like to earn my wings. jest a few tips here n there will be fine thanks ^_^
    Thanks :)
    You are a good friend.

    Also about the Battle Help, how about you go to the Team Help section in TRC?
    me and everyone else will love to help.

    However if you want I can let you have some of my Pokemon. They are pretty good in Battles.
    well its alright to let him be your mentor but eventually you have got to let go and be your own man sure bs might like you listening to him now but eventually it will start to bother him
    Tell him to apoligize, send me a invite to TK, stop fighting Nova, invite Mr.Mr back in, and bE NCE TO ME. I will let him back in ITRC.
    Hello Recruit,

    I am Artemus Moniz, Commander of the Smogon Secret Intelligence Service (SSIS). I would like to formally say: Welcome to the SSIS! Here, we have a number of different roles you can take up within our ranks such as an Intelligence Agent, Military Officer or a Scientist. If you like to battle on PO or Wi-Fi than I would suggest Military Officer, but if you're really good we have an SSIS Special Forces Team you can join. Please make sure you choose a position upon acceptance to the agency and ensure that you are an active member of the agency. Check in regularly and participate in activities. The more active you are the faster you will rank up. If you have any more questions feel free to ask me.

    -Cmdr. A. Moniz (SSIS)
    The SSIS accepts every and any person with any and every skill. If you are a good battler, PO and otherwise, the SSIS is right for you. If you are a Science Major or an inventor, the SSIS is for you. If you like to spy and aquire intelligence, the SSIS is right for you. We accomodate almost every catagory skill and find use for every one of our agents. In short, if you are an active member of Smogon and you wish to put your skills to use, join the SSIS.
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