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  • The only out going calls that affect the Shiny Egg part of the breeding process is Joey. Any incoming calls by anyone, affects it badly. So you want to avoid getting any of them.
    If you do happen to get a call before the daycare man has the egg, it's most likely not going to work, and you'll have to restart.

    Irwin calls will not affect your shiny egg, just the IV's it will get. Since you're just going for the shiny part, you won't need to worry about IV's just yet.
    Yeah, Winters is right. Make sure there's no egg in the daycare currently, hit your seed, call Joey once, then walk until there's an egg and save. That should give you shiny.

    The other problem might be that you're not using International parents and you had that box checked off in the RNG Reporter.
    Please do repost it here. Normally I wouldn't be so lazy, but Kyurem is giving me trouble.
    Don't bother ditching eggs, unless if you have an even frame for the shiny egg.
    As your process can be severely eased by doing 1 thing.

    So if you're wanted a frame 3 egg, you call Joey once. It advances the shiny egg frame by 2. So than your egg will be that of frame 3.
    Just make sure to call Joey before the egg is produced by the daycare man.

    Also, the reason why you might have gotten to frame 4. Did you receive or send any phone calls while you were throwing eggs away?
    I don't have Eminem's but I have Mews for quite a few natures. Could I get the Deoxyses from you though? Since I can't convert files.

    Lol, the fact that my camera made the picture really dark helps.

    Was hoping for opinions on the computer ones. :B I prefer the open eye I think but I'm not sure.
    Lol, nice. c:

    Yeah. I got bored and drew a tree and ended up drawing the back/left branch like that, thought it looked like an arm so I sort of made it evil-looking. Dunno.

    Lol, the paper one you mean?
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