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  • Hey! We're paired up for Round 1 of the Kanto Tourney. I'll be pretty busy over the weekend, but I should be free Monday night and most of Tuesday, if any time around then works with you?
    hey dude its alright... i just wanted to ask if you still had that battle that you posted that was a double battle...i think that was my all time favorite time we battled and i wanted to see it again... xD
    Friday is perfect for me as well.

    I'll be on Reborn during my free time, which is 17h-24h GMT +1. Just PM me there when you see me on. If I dont answer right away, I will just arrive later, that means I was afk.
    We should really play man the deadline is near.

    Do you use IRC? If so, i'm always on #pokemon.
    Is there a day when you'd prefer to play? Any hours where you'd like me to meet you somewhere?
    Sup Man, when would you like to play OST 9 round 2 ?
    My timezone is GMT +1 and I'll be fully ready to play as soon as the next week start (final/some other stuff going on atm).

    Also, could we play on PO2 ? PS tends to be quite laggy for me.
    on right now, but I guess I got in trouble so I can only be on for like 45 minute periods... So yeah arrange a time in the future please. Sunday I go to church from 9:00am to 2:30pm east. So arrange a time after that if you can play Sunday
    perfect see you then. My name on PS is usually Dunamis, DunamisCore, HardCore, or SoftCore. PM me first. I'm in est timezone so I will be on hopefully around the same time you are. I'm not usually on the forums so when you PM me I will come here so you see my light come on and know it's me.
    hey I'm in a battle now but if you wanna 4th gen nu battle me later on just message me on youtube(Ausjor97) Peace! :)
    Idk when that is my time, as my time is GMT +1 and I'd have time in about 10-11 hours as I'm getting ready for school XD
    umm, lemme check what tier do my pokemon get in now xD than I can tell u what tiers do I have
    it's just been a long time since I played gen4 so I forget about explosion leads. Just used to that explosion nerf in BW, but it's kinda nice to have it deal huge damage like that.
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