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    Pokemon Shuffle General Discussion

    Did special stages formerly cost hearts for the 3DS? I'm a Mobile player and usually skip the stages that cost gold unless they're a good pokemon. I'm stuck on Aromatisse in the main stages. This stage is a pain.
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    Nickname discussion

    Nurse Joe
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    ORAS In-game Tier List - Read Post #324

    Boomburst Taillow sweeps the early game and is still great late game, though struggles from being relatively frail (luckily it's so fast and learns quick Attack, so it will always get some damage in at least). Even with Swellow's higher Attack, unless you get a Guts boost Boomburst is still a...
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    ORAS In-game Tier List - Read Post #324

    I just finished the Delta Episode with this team: Sceptile Metagross (event) Mightyena (elemental fang) Swellow Glalie Whiscash While I agree with he rankings for the rest of my team, I disagree with a B ranking for Barboach. As a Whiscash, it's outsped by everything and isn't particularly...
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    ORAS In-game Tier List - Read Post #324

    I ran physical Treecko with swords dance and it did extremely well once it evolved into a Sceptile. The Grovyle days were long, though, and unless you mega evolve or swords dance you aren't OHKOing anything. It's good enough in the late game for A tier, but S tier for Treecko is crazy. It's not...
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    ORAS Experiences

    DexNav is the greatest new feature of this game. I managed to complete a living pokedex on Y, so for Omega Ruby I didn't plan on catching any pokemon I wouldn't use in-game. However, I cannot resist getting that golden crown and sneaking up on pokemon once I hear them cry out. I nearly got...
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    Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 43 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    Does anybody have an extra gamestop code (US) for Diancie? My local gamestop did not have any last weekend, and despite getting more codes they ran out again before I could get there.
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    ORAS General Discussion - Mark 2 - Spoilers Inside

    I live on a small college campus and get 2-5 streetpasses every time I go to the cafeteria with my 3DS in my backpack. Carry your 3DS everywhere in your bag and you'll get streetpass hits.
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    [SURVEY] Best Pokemon Game by Generation

    Best Visuals: Generation 6. 3D Pokemon and the beautiful over world win this by a longshot. No other generation shocked me as much with how nice the game looked. Best Audio: Gotta love those trumpets. Gen 3 had some great music, though I like the 8-bit Gen 1 soundtrack as well. Best Story...
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    ORAS General Discussion - Mark 2 - Spoilers Inside

    Don't forget that XY's promotional releases were detailing the new things about Gen 6: new pokemon, new graphics, new region etc. Mega Evolutions were just one other new thing. In ORAS, Mega Evolutions are the big new thing, so naturally they're hyping it more than in XY. We've already seen the...
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    Art Style

    The graphics improved each generation. Every time I start a new generation's first game, I always take some time to run around the starting towns, just in awe of the new look of the overworld. Therefore of course I voted for Generation 6. 3D worlds are great! Pokemon sprites/models also...
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    ORAS General Discussion - Mark 2 - Spoilers Inside

    I love that Mega Camerupt has the team magma (M) symbol in between his eyes. I wonder if Mega Sharpedo has the aqua symbol somewhere on his snout.
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    Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    Horde trainer battles at last! It's about time. That was a huge missed opportunity in XY.
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    Worst Pokemon Sprites?

    That face just makes him look unintelligent. I think it'd be fine without the teeth. "Dur" I have no idea what Delibird is doing. "Hi everyone look at my creepy face." This is just adorable, though. "Rub my belly please."
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    Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    Gabby and Ty were great. I challenged that duo all the time so I could change my motto and end up on TV. Ty will probably evolve his Magneton post-game at the very least. I wonder if those Trendy Phrases will return in Dewford town. That place was so weird but so funny because of that.