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  • I was wondering why I wasn't seeing it around more often too, smogon should put this back on the Unreleased heading under Zapdos' profile ^^
    K, sory for late reply. I'll forfeit in our next match just out of sport if u want, you should have won the last 1 anyway so =]

    Still got your code, and will be around quite a bit from today for about 1 week so hope to see u 2

    Zapdos this time will have Pressure if I'm using of course =]
    Hey man, sry for the haxxy match =/

    Just wanted to double-check on Zapdos Lightningrod, is released yes?

    I've hear yes from a Smogon member, and on Zapdos profile it's not under Unreleased so-

    Anyway, rematch soon maybe, cos that last 1 was haxxy from me sry xD
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