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  • Well, seen as the dealine is tomorrow... I say we meet up at around 7-9pm my time, so if you can be on from 12-2pm tomorrow we should be able to do our battles.

    And Cathy left Smogon (she created PokeLab) and took the server down too, there are a few other servers on PokeLab, but we have to find then via advanced connection. If you do not want to transfer your teams to Shoddy1 we can battle on Pokemonexperte on Pokelab- on advanced connection the host is '' and the port is '8446'. It usually takes at least a couple of tries for me to get on it, but it does work. There are probably other servers too, but I am not aware of any others.
    Ok then, if Wikipedia is right, you are at GMT-7 and therefore, obviously, 7 hours behind me. The lastest I can be on at is 9pm on sun-thu (school nights) and 10pm (absolute latest) on fri/sat. I am also usually online from between 6pm-8:30pm my time in weekdays, meaning that if you can be on from 11am-1:30pm your time we should meet up easily. On weekends I'm online from around 12pm-9pm, so we could do this at around 5am-2pm your time. VM me back saying your preferred meet-up time. (As a side-note I can not be online in the mornings on school days or before 12pm on Saturdays and not before 10am Sunday (my time)). Apologies for this BIG wall of text but I happen to have some exams coming up at school soon so I do not really want to be wasting my time waiting for someone to show up (sorry if I seem annoying- but a lot of my recent opponents have been like that...)
    Yeah, seems we're both busy. I'll try to get on promptly at 5 EST, since that should be when you're getting home.
    Hi, I'll be your battling 101 tutor (yeah that was a long wait). I read your personal info and I'd like to meet with you on IRC. Type /query Reverb and then message me. If you need help getting on let me know. I consider myself to be one of the more irc-proficient users. Anyway, I look forward to working with you! :D
    so, we have to battle for Tournament of 2nd chances, VM me back and we can make a time to battle (or in this case battles), I am GMT.
    hey there, we have to play for the Wyoming tour, msg me bak on when you're free to play.
    I'm always on around this time so any time around this time works for me. I'll be working on my team and probably have it done in the next few days.
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