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  • Hello, could you help me with an egg that match your SV? I could give you chansey 4/5 iv for the disturb. Thanks for your help
    hey I have got an egg matching your SV could you please help me hatch it?
    5000-3148-5083 is my FC and ign is CK
    I have an egg that matches your TSV. Would you be willing to hatch and trade it back to me? I could trade a 5iv pokemon for your trouble.
    Hi! I saw your shiny ID on the database and it matches with one of my eggs! Would you mind to hatch it for me? I can give you savannah Vivillon! Thanks :)
    Hi there. I saw your name on the database with an SV that I need. (296)

    Could I trade an egg to you for you to hatch as a Shiny and then trade back to me?

    If you're okay with this, please let me know when you're online so we can get the trade done.

    Thank you very much for your time!

    3DS FC: 1950-8030-2702
    Hey Reshiwott! Your SV number matches one of my eggs that I'm trying to hatch. I'd appreciate your assistance if you could hatch my egg! M FC is : 2595-0113-8473
    Hi, I have a zorua that matches your ID. I don't have much to give you for hatching it since I'm new to the whole IV/EV thing.. What would you like for it? I've been breeding so long and just want her to be shiny. :) My ID is 618 if I can help you at all my FC is 3282-2422-5796
    If you do end up doing it could you name her Narezza?
    your shiny ID matches my froakies, and I want you to hatch for me :)
    I added you already, my fc is 1289 8254 6642
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