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  • This is not a criticism but a feedback, take it positively and good luck.
    I will not be able to help you with all this stuff, as we all are extremely busy with work and life. But wishing you all the best as you got the skills.
    Yo Blim! Thanks for the feedback :) I'm working on some of these stuff already and will put my mind into other stuff you mentioned. Once again, appreciate the feedback. Best of luck for both of us as we continue to grow.
    Like, I went to your YouTube channel, I saw some dumb Quagsire thumbnail, I didn't even click the video, I am sure some other person , when they look at your channel, they will not check out as well. Put some effort, get a good banner, get a good Profile Picture, Get help if you need.
    (3)Use a better quality microphone if possible. Try purchasing a gaming headset. Yes, you need to make some initial investments if you want to grow.
    (4) You sound very un-enthusiastic while narrating, be energetic, show your emotion. If you are excited or make a good play, shout and show it out, people love that. You sound very dull in your videos.
    Hey, I checked your YouTube channel, you need to make a lot of changes if you are serious about youtube.
    (1) Your thumbnails are p bad, use for thumbnails if you have almost 0 experience in thumbnail making, however use Photoshop, if you know how it works.
    (2) You need to adjust your screen resolution, check mine, or Pokeaim, or Blunderr, or Emvee and adjust you Obs resolution accordingly.
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