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  • Rhys is a sound I like. It's actually pronounced like "Rh-ice" [r̥aɪs], not the sissy french way. Anno is a Kingdom in Utopia that I was involved with when I first started using that as my nick in around 2004, so the "DeAnno" comes from that.
    "jesus fuck you have no vms"

    Where does your name come from? First time I saw it mentioned I figured someone was off-handedly mentioning a celebrity.
    Just saw your post in the suspect thread... If you ran into me using Swadloon, I'm sorry.

    But I enjoy using things that aren't necessarily viable.
    I was reading through your Ninetales (Gen V) analysis, and I was wondering if there was a possibility of adding a Choice Scarf set, as either its own set or as a mention in Other Options.
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