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    yeah, I was aware that I was getting into that territory. =\ I tried to avoid having it look like either of the pre-existing deepsea eels (and suck like they do).

    Any suggestions to make mine less like those two? =0
    Alright, just finished the calcs, in order to survive the prementioned attacks at 0/252, a minimal base of 62 is required.
    Hey Rhys, raddaya sent me your eventual stat post, and after looking it over and runnign some calcs (using SpecsTran's EP and SpecsMence's Draco Meteor), I have to say that 66 base SpD might be too high.

    If you want it to be able to check/counter the two previously mentioned threats with 252/252, I would suggest a base SpD of 46 (this enables it to be OHKOd by said attacks without max/max, while surviving them at max damage with rocks with max/max)

    If you want it to survive said attacks at 0/252, well I dunno, I haven't run calcs for that yet. =/
    I thought so. Seen your name plenty I just wasn't sure if it was there; it's been a long time. Sadly, I don't go to the 4th gen competitive area anymore since I am in Korea for a year and have no wi-fi. Sucks as I am forced to Shoddy and I despise Rotom Forms with a burning passion. lol. -A made me rework my entire wi-fi team...

    You think we can make this thing come anywhere close to the concept now?
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