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  • Could you change the host from Electrolyte to me in the Artwork for tournaments thread (Or just put me as a co-host for the Tour STAB mania) I'd like to change the art direction to the Words STAB Mania One looking like Ice, the other looking like Lava with a Fire/Ice Pokémon looking smug either side of the words as if to show that they'd froze/created lava pools which formed the words from their STAB attacks. Thanks!
    Sure :)
    kind of... the last post in that thread is a real, live request-- the rest have already passed.

    I updated the OP; The project is something I would like to see continue, but I can't do it alone... so it's pretty outdated, and I'm looking for help in reviving it.

    Hopefully that answers your question! But hit me up if I can answer anything further.
    really?! you're amazing! I don't think I'll need two Dawns and two Mays so you don't have to do the other. I'll go with Diamond and Pearl Dawn and Emerald May.
    I know you're probably say no, but I'm going to try anyways!

    I need a few banners so i can update my trade trade, they don't have to be over complicated, not at all; they can be as simple as they can be. I found this image and i just love it. Do you think you could help me with that? I know they're a lot so i fully understand you saying no lol
    Thanks for drawing this Latios for me :D I resized it myself to make an avatar size but if you could do that so it looks better quality that would be fantastic! Love it either way :P :D
    Please do not advertise putting links in your signature. You'll be infracted next time.
    I have to say that Ariel rock got kicked out of TCD for her in activity, if you remain inactive like her you might be kicked.
    Hello, I would just like to say that your activity in TCD is a little low, please go to TCD and be more active,
    Aloha SS.
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