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  • Apparently you're my new opponent for RU slam. I'm GMT+2. I can play whenever you want except Tuesday evening.
    Got my schedule, I have a lot of overnight shifts next week. Monday and Tuesday are our best bets if we can't get a weekend match in, I only work until 6 PM on Monday and I'm completely off on Tuesday. The other days we'd need to get the match done before 8ish PM, with the exception of Friday which is completely out.
    ergh not sure. Next Saturday is only possible either 3 pm-ish or before, or after like 10/11 pm. Next Sunday I don't know yet, it depends on whether or not I get scheduled to work, and for how long. Work doesn't do that week's schedule until next wednesday/thursday, so I won't know until then.
    OK. I'll try to find you sometime this weekend. Our timezones aren't that different so we shouldn't have too much of a problem scheduling a match.
    We're paired for R2 of the UU Open. I'm GMT -5 and can play afternoons/evenings. What timezone are you and when can you play?
    Sup, im your opponent for the uu open. Im gmt+2 and can play almost every weekends, also most weekdays. Anytime as well, except the early morning hours. Vm which time suites you
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