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  • Actually, Reuniclus still had psychic, your trick with the flame orb was what I was trying to avoid, once you did that you'd already won "the battle of Reuniclus" lol that should be the title of that game.. but gg, very epic
    It was definitely an interesting team. I hadn't seen Snow Warning yet in fifth gen. And yeah, that was supposed to be a lead Azelf, but I misclicked Kojondo.. Sucks to suck.
    Sweet DC, bro! Hahah, not sure what caused that, but yeah. For future reference, make sure to get Stallrein out on something slower that doesn't have Toxic.
    Yeah, taunt cobalion is really hard to handle and a great wall/wall breaker. If you're not for a replay that's fine but just let me know since I'm hosting right now. :V
    Yes, it wasn't my end since I had full bars at the time. We could do another battle with replayed moves? Only hax I even got was from the flinch way later in the match.
    Seriously dude? Just watch a ton of the battles on youtube, and you sort of used to what people are doing, which helps out your predictions a lot. Thats how I did it when i started about a month ago.
    Duuuuude you probably shouldve. Either way, mixed mence FTW. Was not expecting the draco to take out your hippowdon though
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