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  • If you really want to convince him with that sort of an attitude, I suggest you actually show him your skills; so far you've been pretty much completely all talk with nothing to back that up.
    I am still on my spring break. I will get back about next Monday fully. I need to go now. Maybe you should go and do something. Smogon isn't everything or spying wih sock puppets.
    Lol, you certainly like to set short ultimatums. BS probrably gets back on Monday, so I'm afraid that isn't nearly enough time.
    I'm not sure how I would go about convincing him unless you can somehow prove that you and Dark Pulse aren't the same person. I honestly don't know what BS' beef with Dark Pulse is, but if you can muster good enough proof, I'll back you up.
    Well, there are two reasons why, only one of them really relevant. The major reason is because he is currently absent and will be for the duration of this week. The second reason is that he isn't wholy convinced that you aren't Dark Pulse.
    If you can get an Allaince with the rangers and finally get people to stop hating TRC. I will let you (and dark pulse) back wih honors.

    I just want peace and people to stop hating me.
    Firstly, I haven't actually played VGC, I'm just well aware of its rules. Secondly, I wouldn't have used Protect in the first place if I had Tailwind up.
    I'm obviously going to skip using Protect and go Straight for the Blizzard if I have Tailwind up.
    And in regards to your conversation with Dark Pulse, I bumped the tutoring program for the purpose of training battlers that weren't any good, not the ones in the Platinum Brigade. And you have nothing to support the fact that you are a good battler yet, if that's even true.
    ...what? He's begging for help? Haha, I shoulda known. BS may be a semi-decent battler, but his other members aren't. You may have a point there...
    You failed to mention what was out before I switched in Abomasnow, which would've been Zapdos, and using Fire Blast would've been a ridiculous idea, and since I'm loaded with Tailwind, I can also outspeed you with Abomasnow:naughty:

    Oh kid, let me put it to you this way. BS isn't the leader you think he is. He's pathetic and quite frankly, he'd sell you out for a can of beans. Look at the situation here! You've been kicked from the Team Rocket you apparantly adore. And why? Because he is afraid of me. I suggest you be afraid as well. Because he's not going to help you...
    Haha! Do you know who you're dealing with? n00b!? I am Dark Pulse. Regional Administrator of Team Aero and Lt. Col. of the SSIS. I am the most trusted and influential member of the Triumvirate Alliance, and would beat a n00b like you in battle with my eyes closed! you're just confusing me, considering that you didn't switch out T-Tar on turn 2. I still can't believe that you think a set from the Gen 4 Battle Factory is invincible lol. I think it would be much simpler to settle this on PO when I have the time.
    Tyranitar hits

    turn 1: T-tar attacks, Garchomp Attacks, Hitmontop Fake Outs, Abomasnow switches in
    Turn 2: T-Tar Attacks, Hitmontop uses Sucker Punch, Abomasnow uses Protect, Garchomp, T-Tar, and Hitmontop get hurt by Hail.
    Turn 3: Hitmontop Mach Punches T-Tar, Abomasnow uses Ice Shard.
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