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  • hey, no Johns tour. I'm gmt +1 and can fight in the mornings or later at night
    We have to fite for Doubles Seasonals, my name is It Is Guest on PS!, I generally stay in the doubles room, and I can play most days 5-9 PM EST. Also I have karate class on Tuesdays and Thursdays which don't allow me to play 7-9 PM EST so find a good time for battle :) good luck
    at some point we must fight in smogon's most prestigious tournament: the lc uu forum minitour
    im -5 (EST) how bout you?
    Hi boy, we have to play for the balanced hackmons tour. I am in the french and lobby room. My nick is Floush. Contact me, i'm GMT +1.
    Hey we have to play for pre poke bank tour. I'm est and can play tomorrow night, fri night and any time on the weekend.
    Hi i'm gmt+1 i'can play friday evening and saturday,sunday ,i will room french and smogtour (farm league)
    Hi, we have to play for spl farm league. I am est and free most days after 5 or on weekends, whatever is good for you
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