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    Still lurking

    Still lurking
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    Pokémon Dhelmise

    Starmie tho??
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    Pokémon Alolan Raichu

    Is it just me or is it incredibly difficult to justify using this thing in singles? It's cool and all, but half the time I'd rather just leave Koko on the field than switching to Raichu; bar certain steels, I can't think of many things that Raichu hits hard that Koko can't (Brave Bird, while a...
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    Forgive me if this has already been asked, but is there any knowledge of then the RMT threads will be updated for SuMo?
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    Resource Ultra SM OU Bazaar

    Decent bulky offense squad, done well on ladder, won some OU room tournies with it, knock yourselves out: Hippowdon @ Leftovers Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 252 HP / 144 Def / 112 SpD Impish Nature - Stealth Rock - Earthquake - Whirlwind - Slack Off Genesect @ Choice Scarf Ability: Download EVs...
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    Pokémon Alola Golem

    Stronk af, but still booty cheeks typing and awful sdef & speed. May find a place in trick room squads, otherwise, hello RU (maybe BL2, that damage output is awfully high)
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    Pokémon Mantine

    I adore this thing tbh. really excites to see how stall could evolve in gen 7, i expect to see this bad boy everywhere
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    Pokémon Alola Marowak

    I could see this thing having a niche on Trick Room teams, but otherwise I don't really see anything spectacular, for all it checks, it seems like there's other, lower-risk options out there, and I'm not sure it'll be able to warrant a spot on many serious teams (although folks like ben gay and...
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    Let's talk about Pokémon designs

    I guess my main point of the simple vs complex wasn't so much to say that complex design is always a bad thing, but that overdetailing can ruin or seriously uglify an otherwise decent design. As for the megas, a lot of them really aren't all that complicated. Venusar gains very little...
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    Let's talk about Pokémon designs

    I know I'm not the first person to say this, but so overdetailing is a huge contributor to shitty design. Remember those hideous late 90s/early 2000s websites with the galactic backgrounds and multicolored dropshadowed fonts with glittering cursors and the like? Same concept. Here's some good...
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    Let's talk about Pokémon designs

    I think it might be different for deer, but I automatically see four-legged pokemon as sort of canine in appearance, and so Cobalion's front leg has always looked like it bends the wrong direction. Also, I think his zig-zagged horns look a bit silly, and I keep thinking the line on his face is...
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    Unpopular opinions

    Combusken is a straight-up set of cock & balls
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    Megas For All V2 (Induction Phase)

    Yeah. I remember making the mega typhlosion and thought it was dope af, but then mega camerupt happened and they're basically the same pokemon (same type, ability, moveset), only mega camerupt is way shittier, so if there's any more stuff like that it might need to be dealt with, too, unless...
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    Resource ORAS Good Cores

    Wisp Mega Gardevoir makes a great partner to this core, might I add; she really appreciates both of these mons abilities to shit on fat steels, as well as Scor's stallbreaking capabilities
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    Project Core Analysis Workshop (Discussing Partners for Mega Sharpedo + Tank Chomp)

    Clefable @ Leftovers Ability: Magic Guard EVs: 252 HP / 172 Def / 84 SpD Calm Nature - Calm Mind - Moonblast - Soft-Boiled - Flamethrower/Thunder Wave/Ice Beam Clefable can handle almost all the aforementioned mons (bar Heatran) to some extent, tanking hits from Mega Mane/Thundy like a beast...