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  • Thanks Roshi, it isn't going quite bad. College is great :).

    Rutgers isn't asshole of America, more like heaven-made in AMERICA.

    Not bad, I didn't necessarily rage-quit but just got bored of the game, and needed to focus more on my life.

    I had to google BW2, which I later found out standed for Black and White 2, well I've been gone for so long. That I didn't even know it existed and came out...seriously.

    Well if you do come back to play pokes competitively, tell me how it goes. I'm interested.

    And I hope everything is going well for you Roshi. ;).
    Man, just posting to see how've you been?

    Been a little quite haven't you.
    It's fine good try,

    I know you're very talented battler, good luck in the future with battling. You know where to talk to me, I'll be on IRC.
    Roshi you're against MikeDec so, contact him and be ready to battle him.

    You got it.

    Btw edit your post and write above it "Tutored by AndViet" so the staff knows.
    Great job! Now we'll be going onto UU and since the new round is posted, this team will be lasting us a long time.
    Yes I will be just message me whenever you see me online, I'll usually be on IRC.
    Whenever you see me online just come on #dreamworld so we can get some more lessons.
    sounds good. Yeah, it would be good if you could make one-- it's just a practice battle to see basic knowledge/prediction. Don't worry about it too much; I'll also be bringing a team of just standard sets to see how you deal with them. From there we'll start talking about battling, the tier, and eventually putting a real team together.
    So yeah, just keep contacting me-- it isn't possible for a tutee to contact the tutor too much (I won't get annoyed no matter how many times you pm me pretty much). lots of stuff to talk about at first, and we should also have a practice battle too so I can see where you are and how you play. Next time you see me on IRC, we can start with that stuff, and battle if we can find time. Unfortunately this week is kinda crazy for me, but if you contact me and I'm busy, I'll let you know. Next week I should have a lot more time to tutor.

    Also, until the session is over, it'd be helpful if you save any and all UU battle logs. Even OU logs could be helpful so I can see how your prediction skills are. Anyway, let's make this work dude. :)
    yeah, I usually come on #dreamworld, and I'm always on #C&C. Feel free to PM me whenever you see me on irc.
    I feel bad about your situation. I don't mind taking you on as a second tutee-- but with my other modding duties and stuff, I hope you'll understand I'm a pretty busy guy.

    I'll take you up as a tutee under the condition you'll be proactive in contacting me on IRC. I'm too busy to be hunting you down and finding out how you're progressing. If you can promise you'll be very active in trying to find me on IRC, keep contact, and keep me updated (and keep asking questions), I'll take you on. :3
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