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  • Well, unfortunately, I am not a mentor in anything related to battling (as far as actually battling goes,) but there are mentors here that are! If you click on this then you will be directed to a lovely chat that would be able to help you further. Sorry I am unable to help directly, but I know you'll still produce great things on here! Remember, don't give up and keep trying! It took me three applications to get on the GP team here at Smogon, but I kept at it and gt on! Haha, sorry if I am boring you! Anyways, #mentor (the second link) is a great chat to be on, and there's many more users that are willing to help. Hope to see more of you on Smogon!
    No problem! I used to battle WiFi all the time; it was fun! Well, besides battling, is there anything else you're interested in? Smogon has a lot to offer, so there's always something to do on here!
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