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  • Hello! We're paired for the UU open tourney. When would you like to battle? I'm usually on irc as Malfunction most of the day, at gmt +3.
    hey, wanna get this done
    let's play now... I'm grotto
    i can't get on po for some reason, it freezes up everytime i try. can you ps?
    it's alright, I'll have to return the sorry because im on a small vacation I don't have access to a computer until tomorrow night. Can we plan on playing then? Ill stay on as long as possible
    alright im gmt-5, what is the best time this week for you to get this done?
    18h - 22h GMT -3
    sunday at 10 am to 1 pm or at 3 pm to 7 pm my time gmt +1; or if you want this sunday at 2 am im here
    Hey, we're battling for tier shift tourney. I'm GMT + 12 and I can play pretty much anytime before my Monday (after that only in the afternoon).

    Sunday EDIT: I'd really like to battle today, I don't know your timezone, but it's likely going to be much harder to get our battle done in only my afternoon (after 4pm to be precise).
    hi, when you wanna battle for dp uu tour? im her friday saturday and sunday and my gmt is +1
    sorry my laptop charger is busted and i'm basically on no batteries atm

    we'll have to play in a couple days when i get a new one :(
    we're paired for r2 of the dpp uu tourney, let me know what times work for you to play, i'm available pretty much whenever
    And if so where do you wanna play and what name do you use.
    I am just called Nozzle.
    our timezones are not really suited for each other. im at +1 (dutch) and every time i check you seem to have left by 15 minutes. the times you said is basically when its in the middle of the night for me.
    hi im as a sub in DPP UU
    What timezone do you have and when is it okay for you to battle?
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