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  • I have a Fletchling egg whose SV is 196. I was wondering if you could hatch the egg and then trade it back.
    Hi again!
    Can you enter now the wifi to open Klefki's egg (sv 196)? And can you put to Klefki the name "Yaveske Trol"?
    Hi! I would like to ask you to hatch my Klefki egg, because it has your shiny value (196). Would it be possible? :D

    I will reward you with something good.
    Hey man. I still have an egg I'd really like for you to hatch for me. I have added your fc already. Mine is 3265-5067-4924 and my TSV is 2746. In game name is Nick. I have a shiny rain dish wartortle to offer. Or a perfect IV scyther, although it does have the swarm ability. I can also put a metal coat on it if you would like. Let me know if you can help me out, I can be online just about any time today.
    Hi there. :) Jon here. I saw your details in the smogon spreadsheet.
    Let’s hatch Pokemon egg SV 196 , since it matches your trainer shiny value.
    My FC is 4957-2901-5642/ TSV: 1677/ IGN: Anthony
    My facebook address is and
    Thank you.:)
    Hello , could you possibly hatch an egg for me pretty please? i can give a 5 iv gible or zorua if you want something in return..i dont have much else , would love the help, thanks!
    Yeah sure. A Zorua would be cool. What's your IGN and FC? Here's mine IGN: Sampson FC: 2766-9253-9366
    4914-4165-8015 akiza88 might be semi afk tho, have some things to do :) but my ds is on.
    Added you, trade me whenever im online.
    or a shiny with shit iv's lol. based sir get online I NEED MUH SHINY KEY CHAIN. we're both 21 :3 based strager luvvv meeee.
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