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  • Hey, we got to play for DPP Fest tourney, I'm GMT+1. Tell me when you can play.
    LOL, funny u say that, bcuz I just posted on the tpc about it. xD

    I'll post the lineup on the thread, np about that, there is just 2 spots I'd like to confirm before doing so.
    It's kinda problematic, because some people, including me, haven't got a lot of time atm due to final exams and stuff so I need to find subs which is hard. Give me another day, I'll try to find more players
    Allright, I'm gonna send you our roster tomorrow as some people still need to confirm
    Uhm ok, I'm going to remind our players, but seeing the round ends in two days, this won't work as most of our players will notice it tomorrow, which is way to late to set up a time and battle
    pillame por po un dia de estos, aunque no este jugando en ese momento, suelo tener el po abierto si tengo el ordenador encendido
    Hey, I'm GMT+1 and am avaible most of the week, tell me when you can play then :p
    yo we're paired for the 2012 tour round 2, i'm gmt -7, when can you play? weekend is good for me
    I haven't seen you on yet, is there a specific time you'll be around? I'm free for several more hours but it would be great to know when to stick around on the computer.
    Hey, what times are you available this weekend to play? And what's your name on Showdown?
    Hey, sorry I missed you Sunday :(. I was sick and ended up falling asleep and not waking up until Monday morning! What day works best for you? I'm free to play Thursday afternoon, all day Friday, all day Saturday, or Sunday afternoon/evening :). My name on PO and Pokemon Showdown is medamayaki, I'll keep an eye out for you! :)
    Hey, let me know when you can battle for the 2012 Tournament Tour :). I'm free this Sunday and am in the GMT-6 timezone. Let me know what times/days work for you, I'm pretty flexible!
    You really need to battle FinalLegendZero for BW2 OU Team Tournament, or at least attempt to. You're currently going to get an activity loss.
    Tenemos que jugar por el torneo de umby, se ve que has estado inactivo... no se si estas de vacaciones o X situacion, pero si quieres dime cuando puedes jugar, aunque... lo mas recomendable para mi es jugar en los domingos. :)
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