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  • It looks fine now, though I'll have to talk with the others before approving it myself. Thanks for the effort.
    I'm in the Eastern Time Zone and I will try to be on considering school work and such 6:25 atm for me
    Hey I wandered if me and u could meet up on Po or pokemonshowdown cuz I want to get more into trick room more and stuff!
    Hey, Sciztar, may you edit your OU Infernape and OU Mamoswine analyses thread with the Quality Check tag?
    Mamo's best teammates are those who can beat his checks/counters. Magnezone is able to trap Scizor locked into Bullet Punch, as well as Ferrothorn attempting to tank an EQ. Celebi has good synergy with Mamoswine, since it counters Breloom and other Fighting-types, and is able to beat Rotom-W. Also, Bulky DD Nite appreciates having his would-be checks weakened, and has good synergy with Mamo.
    Hey Sciztar! Nice guide, i needed that. I was looking for a TR guide but i only found from past generations... Do you have skype? I need some advices to make a team :[
    i'll get on it when i hear whether or not the article is approved or not. no point in critiquing something if it isnt gonna get approved after all
    id be happy to help, but what exactly do you want me to do? i glanced at the thread and it appears that some are hesitant to have an article on-site about full trick room teams. i myself have a neutral standpoint on the issue, so im not really sure what i could do to improve the situation.
    Hey man don't worry I got your back on your Trick Room Guide. I know this took you 6 months to write without the help of anyone else. I'll tell some more people about this, your guide should be out on the site. You have my support.
    Kind of busy in irl and other Smogon duties. I may be able to give it a look next week, but we'll see. I wont forget your article, so I will take a look at it eventually. Ask some other OU QC members to have a look at it, too - maybe they will be more accessible.
    Hey Sciztar, I've stopped using Trick Room, I've found a cool sun team that I'm working with is doing better in the meta. I'll put on Smogon by the end of this week.
    You should try and contact Absolete. He has posted a strong Trick Room RMT a few months ago.
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