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  • hi, could you add me, my friend code is 4699-6486-6157, could really use a ditto. thanks
    Hi any chance of a fc swap? I want ditto for breeding. My fc is 4167 4481 6483. Ill add you shortly. Thanks.
    Hi Scizzle Sauce, could you please add me on 3DS? I need a Ditto Safari. I have added you

    I am 0516-7353-4106.
    Electric Safari: Electrode, Pikachu, Zebstrika (yes it's crap).

    Please notify me when you add me :) Thank you in advance
    Hey I heard you have a Ditto Friend Safari, I was hoping you would swap FC's with me. 3325-1511-4629 Thank you! It has Snorunt, Bergmite, and Lapras c:
    Hey, I got your friend code from your google doc and was hoping you could let me into our safari. I'd really appreciate it.
    FC : 5043-2716-8843
    Hello! I saw you on the Smogon Friend Safari Google spreadsheet, and noticed you have both Loudred & Ditto. I would be much interested in a Friend Code exchange; my Friend Code is: 0817-4646-8596. I have Rock type with Boldore // Corsola // Rhydon.
    Hey there, my safari is flying with Pidgey, Woobat, and Fletchinder. Would be very appreciative of an exchange with you.
    Could you please add me? I know it's not much, but my safari is Psychic w/ Grumpig, Espurr and Gothorita. My FC is 2020-0631-4167, IGN Claytonius. Thanks for your time!
    Hi, I was wondering if we could exchange friend codes. Mine is 0061-0925-2140. I have steel type Ferroseed, Forretress and Klefki. Thanks!
    Hi, if you're interested in Electric: (Dedenne, Electabuzz, Luxio) please add me 1719-4350-0416
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