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  • it won't let me back on the damn server >.>. PS!, why must you be so awesome and so fail at the same time
    i'm not so sure telling jabba what to do was smart...

    plus somebody is bound to disagree with the opinion. in the best interest of both your ass and the anti-ban argument, i would delete that post. no offense
    i know, right now i'm fighting like a monster because jabba is scaring me with his pro-ban position... hopefully we can change his mind
    Ah, thanks, Seth Vilo! I am happy that there are people like you to support my case :D. If you ever give the Nido Team a try, it would be awesome if you could post your feedback / battle replays / rankings :d
    Haiku's don't rhyme because the concept of rhyming is pretty pointless in Japanese (the mother language of Haiku).

    Rhyming feels pretty pointless when 70% of the words end with the "oo" sound and another 25% end with "ee". I'm exagerating but you get the point :P
    Ok, so I'm not going to post in the Terrakion thread because I don't really want to get banned yet, and the post will end up deleted so you wouldn't see it anyway. All you have to do to see the analysis get "done" is PM Jabba saying you want to finish writing. He'll rush over, without bothering to PM you back, and post something about "finishing" it soon. How do I know? See SDS's Slowbro. Hahaha
    hey, just stopping by to say great rmt! it really caught my eye amidst all these average teams with poor description :toast:
    Hey Seth, this is Steel Dragons. Do you think that you could rate my team here on Smogon? (Superachi Time!) I would really appreciate if you did.
    Hey seth vilo
    i know you from super cheats
    i wnat to see how your team "funky" works out
    im "TehJerry__911"
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